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Duroweave Dapening Cover mounted on a roller
Every Novatech Dampening Product is 100% Guaranteed

All Novatech Dampening covers carry a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are ever dissatisfied for any reason, Novatech will either replace the cover or offer a full refund.

Duroweave Dampening Covers from Novatech

Novatech's Most Popular Dampening Material
Your Best Choice for Duplicators and Small Presses

Moderately priced, Duroweave offers a highly absorbent sheared surface well suited to presses through 30”. It is characterized by
a loose knit construction combined with a tall pile height.

Features and Benefits Common to
All Novatech Brand Covers

Sheared 100% synthetic fiber composition:

  • Knit from premium Rayon yarn for maximum absorbency and durability.
  • Sheared, velour-like pile surface and seamless construction provide pattern free printing.
  • Water absorption and retention is far superior to non-sheared, loop surface covers.
  • Evenly sheared surface height permits reduced roller-to-plate pressure settings, extending plate life and improving image quality.

Shrinks tight when wet for the first time:

  • The surface pile fibers are bound tight by the shrinking base yarn. Linting or fiber separation is non existent from the start... no break-in period!
  • Increased productivity with uninterrupted printing: No need to stop the press to clean fiber buildup on the plate, blanket, or rollers.
  • No creeping, twisting, or “walking” off the roller, even at high speeds.

Washes clean with hot tap water:

  • Covers may be cleaned between jobs or at the end of the day in just one minute or less.
  • No solvents, manual scrubbing, or specialized cleaning machinery is required, just hot water.
  • Fast, simple maintenance makes Novatech covers last for months, not days or weeks. Reduces dampening costs by 50% or more!
  • Go from black ink to yellow ink, or any other light color, without having to change covers.

Duroweave Packaging and Availability:
Cut Lengths: Form and Ductor covers available for most duplicators and smaller sheetfed and web presses. Comes with drawstrings sewn on both ends and packaged in our exclusive "Slip-Mount" bag for easy cover mounting. Ductor and form covers are packaged and sold individually (sets consisting of one form and one ductor cover are not available).

Rolls: See New Mol

2008 Duroweave Retail Price Lists

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Cut Lengths: Individual covers with drawstrings to fit specific makes and models of presses.

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Universal Sizes: Individual covers with drawstrings to fit a range of presses that share common roller sizes.

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